About Organization

Malpura Biomass Energy (AgroKol) is known as one of the leading manufacturers of biomass pellets in India. We entered into the biomass fuel manufacturing industry in the year 2022 with an aspiration to set up the largest biomass fuel manufacturing plant in India. With this aim, we have discovered the world's best and high-yielding technologies in machinery setup. Within a short span of time, we have gained the client’s trust in the industry which is a big milestone for anyone in this industry.

Some of the important facts about our organization

  • We have been into textile exports for the last 50 years and have our presence in the USA, Canada, Europe and UK. We have just entered into the green energy industry with a manufacturing setup of Biomass Pellets. which can meet the constraint of Quantity as well as Quality standards that the industry is facing a lot nowadays.

  • We have enough tool room and consumable store facilities which are helpful in the uninterrupted manufacturing processes to achieve high daily production volumes.

  • Our workshop staff is well-skilled in manufacturing and management techniques.

  • Our office team is well-skilled and is aware of the technical details of the product.

  • We have a training facility for no compromises on quality standards.

  • Our production line is protected with a strict inspection process.

  • We look after our customers until they are self-satisfactory for quality consumption.

About the founder

Malpura Biomass Energy is established under the guidance of our father Late Shri Krishna Tayal. It was his dream to contribute to nature and he founded the organization. With his blessings and guidance, we as his sons ( Sumit Gupta and Amit Gupta ) have been able to run the organization effectively and we hope that we are trying our best in handling the business and living up to his expectations. Our father Late Shri Krishna Tayal was an exceptional individual who inspired us with his passion and dedication towards his work, and unwavering commitment to his vision. He was a true visionary, who saw the potential for greatness in everything he did. He was never content with mediocrity, always striving for excellence and pushing the boundaries of what was possible. His drive and determination were infectious, and everyone who knew him was inspired by his infectious energy and enthusiasm toward his work. We want to express our deepest gratitude and respect to our founder Late Shri Krishna Tayal, for the inspiration, guidance and love that he brought into our lives. We will always cherish his memory and strive to uphold the values and principles that he embodied. We will continue to work on the path and direction that is shown by him. And making the business flourish in the coming years would be our tribute to him.

our Mission

Nature is an evergreen and everlasting source of energy. We are getting tremendous energy flow from nature. The only thing is to use it in the best possible and effective way to get the maximum benefit from mother nature. It is an undeniable fact that nature and man are interdependent and hence, it is more important for a human being to maintain the balance at its best equilibrium place.

We have entered into the biomass fuel manufacturing industry last year with a mission to set up the largest biomass fuel manufacturing plant in India that will contribute to maintaining the ecological balance. With this clear aim, we have discovered the world's best and high-yielding technologies in machinery setup.

We at Malpura Biomass Energy are happy to contribute towards maintaining the ecological balance. We are manufacturing Biomass Pellets where the raw material is waste/unused material such as industrial and agricultural and forest waste. The finished material is White Coal which is an ideal replacement for our conventional energy sources like Charcoal or Firewood/LPG/Diesel etc. White coal is conserving natural sources of energy by replacing them more effectively. Also, being a pollution-free technology, it is benefiting nature conservation in more ways than one.

our Vision

Our vision at Malpura Biomass Energy is to lead the transition toward a sustainable and renewable energy future by producing high-quality biomass pellets. We strive to be the leading supplier of biomass pellets, enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and support the preservation of our planet's natural resources. Through our innovative and environmentally conscious approach, we aim to revolutionize the energy industry and inspire others to join us on this journey toward a cleaner and healthier world.

We are glad to tell our visitors that We have acquired 12000 acres of forest area for forest waste collection and use as raw material. Our manufacturing plant is located in Rajasthan (India) and the company supervises each and every stage of manufacturing and packing. The location of our plant is best due to the availability of raw material in the vicinity i.e. only mustard crop area in about 250 KM range and mustard husk is available in huge quantity in about 14.5 lakh hectares. Out of our total 600 acres of land, we have left 70 acres of land for plant facilities. We have a huge RM inventory warehouse with an estimated capacity of around 5 lakh tonnes. The size of the manufacturing capacity has been set up at 400 tonnes per day in the initial phase with expansion plans for up to 1000 tonnes per day in the next phase.

We have around 150 employees at the production plant to support the production facilities and we also have a dedicated team for cutting forest waste with a daily capacity of 360 tonnes per day. We believe in giving only the best quality products to the customers across the country.